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Increase Safe Slots | Perfect World International Wiki ... Increase Safe Slots are two quests named the same; each increases the player's safe slots by eight. Contents[show] Walkthrough Collect 5 Mystical Meat, 5 Disguise ...

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Wiki - Sanctuary - Perfect World International - Guild Hosting Quest Reward. Certain quests have Mirage Celestones as it's quest rewards. Although it is much more common for them to give Immortal Stone Fragments or 1 of the 3 Celestial Stones. Gem Merchant NPC. Gem Merchant NPC's allow you to combine Celestones Fragments, Heaven Celestones, Human Celestones, and Earth Celestones into Mirage Celestones. Slot Extension - Just Perfect - Perfect World Online ... No more. Now we can increase the number of slots of our equipment and weapons to their maximum capabilities. But of course with certain money considerations. As always. How to slot. You can ask the Perfect Trade Official in certain locations to slot your items for you. Choose the option Slot Equipment.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013. Perfect World Indonesia: Quest Gelar (Even Dunia) SetelahTracking the title Quests can only be done by clicking on Quest->Show/Hide->Click on the 3rd tabGeneral Player Consensus indicates that it is 'safe' to npc the seal after gaining all the titles from the...

Interactive map for Perfect World Online game - world quest - dungeons & wines - herbs - resources Interactive map for Perfect World Online game. Interactive World Map (PWI) x: y: ... Interactive map for Perfect World Online game. Interactive World Map (PWI) x: y: Cursor coordinates:- Show : - location list ...

The Quest can be found from any pet manager under quests, increase pet bag, find food. Gather Hay- Monster List The first pet bag expansion is available at level 7 and increases your slots to 3.

Increasing inventory slots - To increase your character's inventory space, you'll need to bring the Inventory Extension Stone to the Banker NPC. You will receive the Inventory Extension Stone Quest which will expand your character inventory space by 8 slots. This can be used to get up to 64 inventory slots. This item is available from either a player or the boutique. Perfect World Increase Inventory Slots Quest

Это не баг, а скорее пасхалка или скрытый квест коих в ПВ немного. Прочел о нем на форуме клана играющего на ПВИ. Вот что нам понадобится: 1.Перс 60+. 2.10 000 юанек. И так, идем к почте, создаем письмо, влаживаем 10 000 юаней и отправляем на адресата 礼物... Perfect World - Основные сведения о квестах Perfect World – бесплатная онлайн игра. Создай свой идеальный мир с помощью ролевой online игры (MMORPG)! Играть в ролевые игры онлайнОсновные сведения о квестах. В Perfect World существует несколько тысяч заданий, доступных любому персонажу независимо от его... Perfect World квесты В Perfect World существует несколько тысяч различных квестов, доступных абсолютно любому персонажу в независимости от его расы или класса. До 20 уровня для четырех рас квесты отличаются, после этой отметки квесты становятся одинаковыми для всех. Lotro: More quest slots | Exploring War Like Worlds. Perfect World: Rising Tide.Lotro: More quest slots. Posted by: warhammermer on: October 21, 2009.For every 40 deeds completed, your maximum number of active quests will increase by 1. The cap for the number of active quests is 50.